Agot Jewelry

Is the result of an uncompromising love for nature and passion for artisanship. For more than twenty years of record of excellence, Agot Sterling Silver Collection is known for fine jewelry pieces that have stunningly unique designs.

Each jewelry piece is hand-crafted exclusively in sterling silver enhanced with hand-selected semi-precious stones, hand-picked Costa Rican river rocks and natural polished sea glass, pearls, hand painted antique ceramic and vintage buttons.


This philosophy of personal care and quality guides every phase to Agot process which transforms every jewelry piece into a unique work of art.

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Agot Jewelry Ring

Agot. Fashion Collection
represents authentic craftsmanship

Each piece is individually hand-crafted conveying our passion for unique design.

It is used an exclusive process by firing a combination of metals to produce a special alloy with a rich, long lasting radiant finish.

Agot Necklace precious stone carved

The metal’s rich golden color combined with distinctive semi-precious stones create the ultimate in beauty, luxury and design.

With great care, the finish will last for several years.
To maintain brightness, please avoid contact with rough surfaces and prolonged exposure to water and other liquids.