We want  you to be delighted with your order.  If you are not satisfied we will gladly accept returns accompanied by the original receipt for a refund.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free shipping on returns and exchanges.  Customs and other taxes on international returns must be fully paid by the customer before the return authorization is granted.


If for some reason you need to cancel your order, you may do so within 24 hours of purchase.  There will be no charge for the transaction.  Orders cannot be canceled after more than 24 hours.

The successful conclusion of a purchase on our site does not imply acceptance of the transaction or order.  This will be confirmed via email once the respective charge is approved, the funds have been transferred to our account.


AGOT jewelry has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.  Proper care and maintenance will preserve the beauty and shine of your AGOT jewelry.

Periodic examination of clasps and settings to ensure a secure fit is recommended.  Take care to avoid exposing jewelry to substances containing bleach or ammonia and remove your jewelry before swimming in chlorinated water or the ocean.

Always put your jewelry on after you dress to avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics or other household chemicals.

When it is not being worn, always store your jewelry in its original case.  If this is impractical, use a suitably lined box or protective pouch.  To avoid scratches, each piece of jewelry should be stored separately and bracelets should always be stored flat.

Exposure to air, dust or other elements, particularly those containing sulfur, may cause sterling silver to tarnish more rapidly.  There are a number of non-abrasive polishes on the market specifically designed to remove tarnish.  Always read the warning label and take care when using polishes on jewelry.